A fully-integrated performance system combining balanced nutrition, fitness and mental toughness custom built to maximize your metabolism.

I build every client a custom nutrition and personal training plan based on a foundation of scientific principles and the art of the human body. Together, we will achieve sustainable personal performance and crush your goals — If not now, when?

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Choose from the selections below to see how Nutrition, Fitness and Metabolism can take your performance to the next level.

Get a customized nutrition plan for your fitness strategy.

Elite concierge training that fits you and your lifestyle.

Biomarker testing to understand your body's unique needs.


8 Weeks to Macro Mastery

by Dr. Tiffany Breeding


The Metabolic makeover: 8 Weeks to Macro Mastery teaches you how to manage macronutrient intake to make over your metabolism and your mindset.

I bring you science-backed info, practical applications, and weekly nutrition exercises to help you understand your metabolism and achieve long-term results.

After completion of my "no BS" program, which cuts through all the diet-industry bunk, you'll have the knowledge and the skillset to maintain progress and maximize personal performance. This book is a must-read whether your goal is to lose body fat, build muscle, or just eat smart to fuel your life.


Get your copy of The Metabolic Makeover in multiple formats at these retailers.

The Metabolic Makeover: 8 Weeks to Macro Mastery Book by Dr. Tiffany Breeding

Want a Metabolic Head Start?

Check out my Macro Calculator for a snapshot of what your body needs.

“After years of being dedicated to my workouts and eating what I felt was healthy, but still not seeing  movement on the scales or the changes I wanted to see in my body, I decided to hire a nutrition coach.  Dr. Tiff unlocked the key for me to losing weight.  I had been “stuck” in the same 3 pound range for years and with Dr. Tiff’s advice on how to eat a true balanced diet, I found I ate more carbs than I had had in years and the weight started coming off.  I couldn’t believe it! Dr. Tiff has truly changed my thinking on food/nutrition and it has changed my life.  I have lost over 20 pounds and 9% body fat to date.  Hiring Dr. Tiff was the best gift I could have given myself!”


— Sherrie W. —

Mom of 2, Powerhouse Corporate Exec

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