From Performance Concierge to Prepare & Repair services, we build a custom, fail-safe training schedule that provides the optimal combination of cardio, strength and recovery. More is not always better. It is about sweating smarter.

Performance Concierge

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35+ person bootcamps, marathon cardio, yoga fusion... How do you know which classes to combine, how often to do strength, cardio, yoga, take a day off? — Don't sweat it (pun very intended). We've got you covered.

Customized Training Strategy

One-on-one goal evaluation and discussion

Training plan critique and review


Many of today’s most popular fitness concepts include highly advanced movements: squats, deadlifts, Olympic lifts like the snatch or power clean. This, coupled with under-educated, inexperienced coaches and a super high student to teacher ratio. You know I am all about challenging limits, and achieving personal bests, but the potential for injury due to lack of fundamentals is also very high. All 60 minute valuations are performed by Stew, a Nationally Ranked Powerlifter and Master level technique artist, you can fine tune your movement, and ensure that every rep counts.

Each Session Includes:

Advanced Video Analysis:

We will film you completing exercise movements, and evaluate body, foot and eye position. Asymmetries and areas for potential fundamental improvements.

Live technique evaluation

Training plan critique and review

“Dr. Tiff is the best! We decided to focus on wellness after retiring from the Army. We both had experience with trainers and sports nutritionists in the past. Tiff surpassed our expectations, customizing and fine tuning programs focused on our individual needs - body composition, goals, and response to changes in our fueling plans. As a result, we look better, perform better and, most importantly, feel better!”


— Gen. Kevin & Angel M. —

Retired Military, Washington DC


We have all been there. Friday comes, you roll out of bed. Your legs are smoked, your shoulders ache and you are dying for a hot tub. There is no substitute for a strategic recovery plan.  Our Prepare and Repair services will help identify potential sources of pain, increase blood flow to affected areas, loosen muscle and joint tightness. Why miss a day of training? We can have you ready to “HIIT” it again tomorrow.

Our Protocol Includes:

Myofascial release techniques

Identification of trigger points

A personal, assisted stretching session

Corrective exercises to address imbalances

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