Best Weight Loss Program in Nashville

You’ve heard it all and you’ve read it all, “Lose 15 pounds in six weeks!” You follow that program hardcore, but six weeks later...nothing. You are at your wit's end and have given up on ever fitting back into that perfect pair of jeans you used to love and now despise. So, what’s the catch? How is this weight loss program different than all the others that are out there?  

Dr. Tiff is a Nashville-based workout trainer who has developed a three-step plan weight loss program. She is a tough love coach that can not only help you lose weight but create lasting change. Her motto is, “If I get repeat customers, then I have not done my job!” She wants to help you lose weight by creating a healthy and maintainable lifestyle.

Three-step weight loss program

  • Fuel: Food is the source of our energy. Dr. Tiff helps to find a plan that you are able to commit a lifetime too. If giving up certain things forever seems unimaginable, then she can help find the perfect fuel weight loss program tailored to your daily life. If you are constantly on the go, meal preparation might be the best plan for you, or just picking a healthier option off menus.
  • Sweat: There are several different options to use when you choose to work out: Zumba, Crossfit, Yoga, Cardio, Muscle Building, and much more. How do you know which is best for you and your weight loss goals? Dr. Tiff will customize workout sessions based on a one-on-one evaluation discussion with you. She can help decide what days you need a little extra cardio and what days you need the weights.
  • Science: You may be wondering exactly how science fits into a weight loss program, and here’s how: Dr. Tiff has partnered with ZRT labs and can provide hormone and stress testing. You may be eating and exercising properly, but if something in your body is unbalanced, it might just say no and hold on to that weight. Once the science of biomarker testing is complete and you become molecularly balanced, you might start to finally see the benefits of all your hard work.


If you are interested in doing the best weight loss program in Nashville, contact Dr. Tiff today to help you find the right program that works best for not only your lifestyle but your body as well.

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