Custom Weight Loss Program

Have you been going to the gym for months and not seen or felt much improvement? Have you changed your diet and feel like you’re starving and grumpy all the time? Maybe a custom weight loss program is what you need to start getting the results you’ve been working towards.

How will a custom weight loss program benefit you?

Have you ever found yourself overly tired, drained, and moody? It could have to do with what you are eating and how you are exercising. Your body is your friend. If your friend was working too hard all the time, you would be a good friend and tell them they need a relaxation day or find a different way to get their work accomplished. Your body is telling you that you are either working too hard or not giving it what it needs. This is why you need a custom weight loss program based on what your body is telling you. Weight loss programs that work for some people don’t work for others because we’re all different. 


Where can you find a customized weight loss program near you? 

Dr. Tiff has designed a three-step program that is designed specifically for every client’s needs. 


  • Fuel: Food is not your enemy. You need food in order to survive: it’s how much and what we eat that makes the difference. Dr. TIff’s motto is, “Life is complicated enough. Food doesn’t have to be.” She will help make sure that what you are eating is the proper fuel that your body needs. 
  • Sweat: Cardio and HITT workouts may not be the best “sweat” options for you. Your body may respond positively to a combination of cardio and strength. “More is not always better. It is about sweating smarter.” 
  • Science: Dr. Tiff partners with ZRT labs to do Biomarker testing to ensure that your body is performing at its maximum abilities. If you metabolism is slower than most, your weight loss program will be designed around that knowledge, ensuring maximum results. 


If you’re ready to take that next step on your weight loss journey, schedule a consultation call with Dr. Tiff and find out more about her custom weight loss program.

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