Benefits of Hiring A Macro Nutrition Coach

Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, or just have a healthier lifestyle, counting macros is a part of the solution. By hiring a macro nutrition coach, you have someone in your corner helping you stay accountable throughout your health journey. Not everyone is built the same way: while carbs are fine for some, it may be a huge roadblock to others. Having a macro nutrition coach will help you find what foods work best with your body.

What is macro nutrition?

Macronutrients (macros) are what make up the calories in our food. They are broken down into three categories of macros: fats, carbs, and protein. It is important to count macros as well as calories. You could be eating the right number of calories; however, the food that you are eating may not have the right amount of proteins, carbs, or fats needed for you body’s daily fuel.


Dr. Tiff has a history of helping clients achieve their health goals as their macro nutrition coach

Dr. Tiff believes that life is busy and messy enough, why should our food be too? She has designed a program that will not only help you reach your health goals but maintain them as well. Her philosophy is that if she gets a repeat customer, she hasn’t done her job properly. She trains you to be able to keep up your healthy lifestyle in the midst of your busy life.

Candy is a nurse and a full-time wife and a mom to four children. She made the great decision to hire Dr. Tiff as her macro nutrition coach, and this is what she had to say about her experience with Dr. Tiff:


“When I met Dr. Tiff I had no idea how to count macros. I didn’t think there was enough time in the day to keep up with it. With her help and suggestions  I was able to figure out how to make it work not only for me but for my family as well. When my weight started to drop, I realized how my healthy version of “healthy’ eating had been out of balance. The coaching program and process has forever changed the way I eat, cook, bake, dine out, and feed my family. “


If you are ready to find a true, healthy lifestyle to fit your needs, contact Dr. Tiff today and schedule a free 15 minute consultation for the best macro nutrition coach in Nashville.

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