The Best Weight Loss Program in Nashville

Have you been eating healthy for months and just not seeing the results you were looking for? Have you been doing your daily exercises for about a half hour and still feel and look the same? You’re not alone. There is more to weight loss than just eating right and exercising. The good news is that once you find the right answer for your body, weight loss becomes easier and results are seen.

Dr. Tiff has developed a weight loss program in Nashville that can transform your life.


In addition to eating the right fuel foods for your body and finding the best exercise for your daily routine, Dr. Tiff adds science to your weight loss program. She uses biomarker testing to help ensure that all your hard work to lose weight will work. Biomarker testing measures several different things inside our bodies that aren’t typically associated with weight loss programs in Nashville. These are the areas that will be tested: 


  • Growth and development of body and brain: If places of your brain and body are underdeveloped, then she can help you find why and a way to correct this problem. An underdevelopment can play a significant role in optimizing your performance and body composition. 
  • Metabolic performance and digestion: If your body isn’t digesting your food properly, your body is working against you in your weight loss. You may be eating all the nutrients you need, but your body may not be sending those nutrients to all the proper places, resulting in weight stall or gain. In addition to digestion, if your metabolism is slow, then your weight loss will be slow from that as well. 
  • Emotional stability and mood fluctuations: One of the main emotional moods is stress. Stress is one of the key factors that works against you in weight loss. If your adrenal gland has been overused with enormous amounts of stress, your body will respond to stress by keeping everything in, including the weight you’re trying to lose. 



Are you ready to let those stubborn pounds go, but more importantly figure out why they were sticking around in the first place? Schedule a free 15 minute call with Dr. Tiff today to talk about your goals and the struggles that have kept you from reaching those goals, and she can tell your more about her amazing weight loss program located in the heart of Nashville.

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