Is Finding a Personal Trainer Near You Worth It?

Almost everywhere you look, there is some sort of advertisement about a gym or a new health drink or pill that is packed full of all the nutrients you need to make you lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, the reality is, you sign up and never really go to the gym or you taste the drink and swallow the pill only to realize that this nasty drink and horse pill is not dropping the weight like promised. You may be thinking, “How would hiring a personal trainer near me be any different?”

Here is why having a personal trainer near you can help you see real results

  • Accountability- Are you looking for an accountability partner, someone who encourages you to attend every session? Or are you looking for someone who will help you plan out meals, watch your weekly eating, and detail your exercise? Both of these are great options for a personal trainer near you; however, which trainer would you be more motivated under? 


  • Schedule- You know your life schedule better than anyone else. If you know that you have a ton of work projects due soon and those need top priority, then you need a personal trainer who is willing and flexible to help you reach your goals.. 


  • Nearby- Having a personal trainer in Nashville keeps them close and real. It’s not a person on a screen or someone you’ve never met. Dr. Tiff is dedicated to helping you find the right balance in life to lead to a healthy lifestyle. She has designed a three-step program to help you not only reach your lifestyle goals but maintain them as well. 


    • Fuel: Her motto is, “Life is complicated enough. Food doesn’t need to be.” She will help you find a dietary plan that fits your life. 
    • Sweat: She helps you find the best exercises for maximum results. “More is not always better. It is about sweating smarter.” 
    • Science: She uses biomarker testing in order to make sure all your hormones are balanced, and you are at your peak metabolic performance. 

After asking yourself these questions, are you ready to find that personal trainer near you? If so, schedule a free 15 minute call with Dr. Tiff to answer any questions you have or find out more about her amazing weight loss program.  

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