How to Know if You Need a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist

You’ve made a resolution this year to exercise and eat better, feeling better about yourself. You’ve taken the first steps: you joined a gym and started eating healthier; however, it’s been weeks and you’ve seen absolutely no results. Why? Are you exercising too much or not enough? You’ve been eating healthier foods, but what if your body needs more? These questions and others are ones that a personal trainer or nutritionist in Nashville can answer for you.

How can a personal trainer or nutritionist help you?

You’re already spending money on the gym and on your weekly grocery budget to eat healthier, so what can a personal trainer or nutritionist do for you?

  • Personal Trainer: By hiring a personal trainer, you get one-on-one training. They can help collaborate with you and determine what goals are achievable and create an exercise program that will benefit you. Should you be doing more cardio or strength training? Your personal trainer can help design the exercise program needed to help you look your best.
  • Nutritionist: A nutritionist is not there just to cut out all the foods you love: they are there to help you find a healthy eating lifestyle that makes you happy as well. They design a plan that fits your lifestyle. Which is better for you: carbs or fat? They don’t create a crash diet for you, but instead a sustainable diet that you can maintain and can last a lifetime.

Do you have to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist separately?

Thankfully, the answer is no. Dr. Tiff is not only a nutritionist in Nashville helping others find food plans that work for them, but also a personal trainer. She uses science to help determine what exercises and food plans are best for you. She doesn’t just help you look good, but also feel good inside and out as well.

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