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Where to Start On Your Weight-Loss Journey

Let me know if you relate to this situation: you’re frustrated with the way your body looks and feels so you try fad diet after fad diet. You end up thinking and food and exercise all day long and yet nothing has changed. You begin to question everything you’re doing and wonder if there’s something…

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Why I Decided to Start My Podcast Fuel, Sweat, and Science

Why did I decide to start a podcast?   That is the million-dollar question.   When we get right down to it, I started my podcast because I believe everyone deserves to understand their body. In an attempt to sell more products and drive revenue, the nutrition and food industry has manipulated people and capitalized…

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Meant For Greatness, Not Mediocrity

Meant for Greatness. Ya know how sometimes you find yourself in situations where you are just crawling out of your skin, wishing you were 10 million other places, but you already committed, RSVP’d, cancelled other things to be there and so you go. All day you are dreading it, or at the very list begrudgingly…

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Hydration and Performance

This week I decided it would be a good experience, and experiment to drink a gallon of water. I have done research on the ideal amount of water someone needs in a day. And like most research I came up with multiple perspectives.  Initially I read many proponents of the most commonly heard recommendation of…

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Three Mindsets Killers that can Sabotage Success

You are 6 weeks into your new fitness and nutrition journey. You have invested in the process, both financially and physically. As hard as it is you have consistently been getting up before the sun for the 5am HIIT class.  So far, your workouts are solid, in addition to allowing for rest and recovery.  Nutritionally,…

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What’s Shakin’? Sodium and Performance

Sodium is one of the most prolific elements on Earth, and the most plentiful of the Alkali metals. Sodium is necessary for regulation of blood and body fluids, transmission of nerve impulses, heart activity, and certain metabolic functions. Sodium’s main job is to regulate the amount of water inside and outside the cell. The kidneys…

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Nourishing Your Relationships

Food matters. Food matters because it is central to almost every social event, family gathering, daily family schedule-making, or performance-based endeavor. Whether we like it or not, whether we want to think about or choose it, we cannot avoid the role that food plays in our daily lives. How then do we avoid the over-emphasis…

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Reappraising Thoughts

All behavior begins with a thought. A thought charges a feeling, an emotion and that emotion drives a behavior. This is the overarching cycle of behavior modification. In order to modify a behavior, we have to be able to manage that underlying thought. It is very difficult to change our emotions; they are, for the…

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How To Recover from a Binge

It is more common than you may realize for people who have been in a calorie deficit for any length of time, to find themselves in a moment of weakness. Faced with a craving, or a food temptation that they simply cannot control. Before they know it one little bite, has turned into sitting elbow…

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Carbs Are NOT the Enemy: Quality vs. Quantity

If I shout one thing from the rooftops of the Nutrition Industry Tower it would be “CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY”. I truly hate that popular media, ignorant health and fitness bloggers, big food, franchise restaurants, and marketing have pinned the international overweight and chronic disease crisis on carbohydrates as a whole. Let me say…

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