Where to Start On Your Weight-Loss Journey

Let me know if you relate to this situation: you’re frustrated with the way your body looks and feels so you try fad diet after fad diet. You end up thinking and food and exercise all day long and yet nothing has changed. You begin to question everything you’re doing and wonder if there’s something else you should try if you need to be eating less, if you need to be exercising differently, or if you need to rest more? You’re utterly overwhelmed and frustrated.


I’m pretty sure I can assume that if you listen to my podcast, you’ve been there. I understand this struggle because I’ve been there myself. That is why I started the podcast: to be that trusted individual who helps you find the approach that will finally work.


So today I want to discuss where to start on this journey. I’m going to help you figure out the best starting point for wading through all of the opinions and ideas out there on losing weight. 


Do Your Homework


Firstly, you need to start the same way you would if you were buying a house or investing in a 401k, or deciding on the right assisted living facility for a loved one: do your homework. Don’t wait months to learn about all the different options out there. Instead, reflect on how the advice you’re hearing feels and if it makes sense.


Whenever I’m analyzing a weight-loss strategy, I simply ask if the suggestions and requirements sound reasonable. For example, does, “don’t eat fruit, veggies, or whole grains; eat only meat” sound reasonable? Or how about, “starve yourself for three days followed by a day of eating massive amounts of calories?” I would say they don’t.


Get Some Data


Once you’ve done your initial research, I recommend that you start logging your food. Think of this as doing meticulous research on what you are eating. Get a food scale, learn to read food labels, and learn what servings and portions of carbs, fat, and protein mean.


When you do this, you’ll start learning more about the food you’re consuming. You’ll begin to draw correlations between your food and what it equates to nutritionally. In the process, you’ll be educating yourself on what is in food and what it’s doing to your body.

If you want to learn more about where to start when you’re ready to lose weight, check out https://workwithdrtiff.com/podcast/.

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