Episode 044: Does Muscle REALLY Weigh More than Fat?


It’s a constant conversation in gyms, among people trying to lose weight, starting a weight training program. The scale isn’t moving, and you chalk it up to “Well, Muscle Weighs More than Fat”…

Is this really true? Does a lb. of bricks weigh more than a lb. of feathers? Nope. Does a lb. of muscle weigh more than a lb. of fat. Nope, both weigh a lb. BUT, is muscle more dense per volume, absolutely. And that is what people mean. It is semantics. So, they are not Wrong, but it is a little more complicated. And, the scale is a terrible measure of progress regardless. And I am going to tell you why. Tune in and learn more.

Episode Take-Aways

  • Does Muscle Weigh More?
  • What Does the Scale Neglect?
  • What about BMI, is it BS?
  • How to Really Track Body Composition.

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