Episode 046: Does Fasted Training Burn More Fat?


The debate is decades old. Do you need to get up cussing at your alarm clock to throw on your sneakers and hit the gym at the crack of dawn just to get the benefits of the extra fat burn? The research is just not there. Do you burn more fat by training in a fasted state. Probably…but does this always mean you will lose body fat? Nope. Not if your nutrition is not dialed in.

If you are training fasted, but not keeping yourself in a calorie deficit over the coming days, weeks, months then you are still not going to see results.

It really comes down to preference, training performance levels, what type of duration and training. Moreover, what your goals are around fat loss. There is not a “right” answer, but there are some important things to consider. I will discuss them all if you tune in!

  • Why Fasted Training has been supported?
  • What about Cardio vs. Strength Training?
  • How it impacts performance.
  • Will it result in muscle loss?

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