Episode 048: Why Goals Should Reflect Values


We all know resolutions, and in large part any long term goals go unattained. Why? Let’s talk about how we can be more effective in our intentions this year, and every year. 64% of resolutions set in January are abandoned within a month. Moreover, when we determine what our priorities are, we have to really compare those to our values. That is what can really set you up for success in your process.

Remember, failing is not fatal, it is feedback. Little setbacks means more information, and opportunity to change and improve. Let’s do it right this time…the only way to fail is to never try.

Show Highlights

  • Goals, Intentions and Values. How they relate
  • Assessing resources, barriers and support
  • Understanding how to measure success, and how not to.
  • The Process is as important as the product

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