Episode 050: The Refeed & Farewell Episode


We all want to let loose sometimes. Or it’s a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a vacation. What about “cheat days”, and how do they fit into a fitness, or body composition journey? Can you have those days, or do they erase weeks of hard work in the gym, hours of meal prepping and counting macros all for one day off.

In this episode, my final FAREWELL episode, I discuss the real data around a “REFEED” day, and whether they work or they are necessary. In what situations are they beneficial, and how you could use them to help your process and progress without worrying about the side effects.

Show Highlights

  • What science is there around a refeed or a cheat day?
  • Who should implement them and how?
  • Thanks, and I might be back soon, but taking a break for now to focus on some other things.

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