Episode 049: Why Do We Love the Underdog?


Did you know…

Sylvester Stallone turned down $360,000 for his Rocky script because the offer included the condition that he NOT play the starring role. He took a chance, knowing he only had $106 in the bank. The underdog prevailed.

JK Rowling got turned down by 12 publishers before someone picked up the Harry Potter books.

Amazon, Apple…so many tech companies started in garages.

Every March we can’t wait for the NCAA Cinderella story.

…NFL playoffs this weekend we saw Jacksonville and San Francisco pull off underdog victories.

The underdog mindset brings with it less pressure, a more relaxed approach to challenges with no one holding expectations over your head. In this episode we will talk about how you can cultivate that same mindset as you work toward goal achievement.

Show Highlights

  • Some of the most famous underdog stories.
  • Why people can always get behind the underdog
  • How we can use this mentality to help drive our own goal achievement

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