Episode 047: Holiday Health Hacks and Such


Can you ditch the All-0r Nothing Mindset that so many people can’t shake during the Holidays. Not going “all out” does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself, have some traditional favorites, but still roll into the New Year ready to roll (not literally).

Think about how you can give yourself unrestricted permission to eat. Meaning you do not deny or categorize foods as “off limits”, but you also know you can have things whenever you choose so you are less apt to overdo…feeling like “I have to have this all or I will never get it again”.

Being in tune with your body, hunger, fullness. Moving your body in the morning on busy, social days sets your mind up for success. Exercise is not meant to “earn” calories, but it can leave you better able to manage the mental challenges of the day.

Show Highlights

  • Give yourself permission to eat.
  • Give yourself parameters to stick to.
  • Pick Your Poison,…and not all of them.
  • Make it about more than the Food.

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