Best Weight Loss Program in Nashville

You’ve been looking at old photographs and wonder where the time has gone. You go to look at some recent pictures, but you don’t really have any. You haven’t been feeling very photogenic for the past few years. You miss that person in the old pictures, but you don’t have to miss that person anymore.

Meet Dr. Tiff, a Nashville-based doctor and creator of A Unique Weight Loss Program.

Dr. Tiff has developed a three-step program to help with weight loss.

  • Fuel: Eating habits don’t have to be a bad thing. Life is crazy enough. Dr. Tiff understands that you may not have hours and hours to spend on meal prep. She has designed four different nutritional weight loss plans to choose from:
  • Sweat: There are several different types of weight loss programs for exercise. How do you know how much cardio or muscle training to do? Dr. Tiff can help answer your exercise questions. From boot camps, marathons, and yoga, she can help guide you to the exercises that will help you with the right weight loss program.
  • Science: Dr. Tiff has partnered with ZRT labs to help ensure that your hormonal markers are ready to lose the weight. If you are hormonally imbalanced, all your hard work at your weight loss program may not be enough. Stress testing is also available.

Here is a testimonial from Candy, a full-time nurse and mom. This is how Dr. Tiff helped her.

“ When I met Dr. Tiff I had no idea how to count macros. I didn’t think there was enough time in the day to keep up with it. With her help and suggestions, I was able to figure out how to make it work for not only me but for my family as well. When my weight started to drop I realized how my version of “healthy” eating had been out of balance. The coaching program and process has forever changed the way I eat, cook, bake, dine out, and feed my family.”

If you’re ready to start your weight loss program in Nashville, schedule a free 15 minute call with Dr. Tiff to get started and begin your journey of loving the person you see in your pictures again.

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