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Grit acronym for guts, resilience, initiative, and tenacity

Mental Grit or Mental Gunk?

Writing this, I am three days post op after a bi-lateral discectomy at the L4/L5 Vertebrae. In just this short time I have already concluded that I am much better at being the doctor than the patient. It is not to say that I am not coachable, or that I don’t love to learn and…

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Reminder: Food is fuel, not therapy, with illustration of a pear


It is all too common these days to hear health professionals, trainers and nutrition companies compare food to FUEL. The argument being that what you eat drives performance just like fuel is essential for a car to perform on the road. The analogy goes on to suggest that putting the best quality nutrients in your…

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Apple vs a can of soda. Both have 100 calories but are they the same?

Seeking Freedom From Restriction

You’ve heard it somewhere, anywhere these days…Diets Fail. And they do. The research is consistent and valid that restrictive, low calorie, quick fix weight loss plans have a terrible retention rate. And an equally high instance of rebound…or weight regain. It’s really not that shocking when you think about it. If something forces you into…

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Left brain vs right brain colorful illustration

The Art of Science

The business of health and fitness has become such a mainstream industry these days. As becomes the case with anything where demand increases exponentially, often the quality of the supply suffers in an attempt to serve the volume. In the health and fitness industry, the “supply” is trainers, coaches, and widgets that provide consumers with…

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Good things come to those who sweat


Exercise. Fitness. Working out. Training. Aerobics. One thing unites all these words, despite the various emotions and images they may evoke, they all describe physical movement. They all make us SWEAT. Maybe you are sweating because of the intensity of the training, perhaps you are sweating from the anxiety of going to the gym for…

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