The Art of Science

Left brain vs right brain colorful illustration

The business of health and fitness has become such a mainstream industry these days. As becomes the case with anything where demand increases exponentially, often the quality of the supply suffers in an attempt to serve the volume. In the health and fitness industry, the “supply” is trainers, coaches, and widgets that provide consumers with resources to get in shape or improve their personal health. This is where I struggle to support the ever-growing supply and demand that is defining our industry. When it comes to a client’s health, their physical body, and their mental acuity, I simply won’t cut corners. I cannot support companies or individuals who do so just to make a buck or bring a product to the masses.

Franchise fitness is one example, especially here in Nashville, that exemplifies what I feel is a model built on supply and demand, not SCIENCE or SUCCESS of the client. There are some valid models out there, don’t get me wrong. Heart rate based training, High intensity interval style workouts, strength training classes, yoga: these are all essential and scientifically effective training modalities. But, what happens when you turn them into a business model? Well, the individual goals of the client, the results of their experience, and the focus on their technique becomes secondary to paying rent in higher income neighborhoods and keeping up with corporate marketing costs.

First, they cut costs by hiring less qualified staff and coaches. They increase class sizes to cater to more people, and in doing so increase the student to teacher ratio thus reducing attention to detail and technique. Pretty soon, clients are nothing more than a human conveyor belt. They are coming in and being churned out. They are getting locked into long-term contracts, so facilities can cover overhead and ensure they have the needed revenue months at a time. Once they have your money, where is the accountability to deliver, to constantly work to improve their service offerings and advance the SCIENCE of their model. Pretty soon there will have to be a correction in the market. The fitness scene will become saturated. Clients will start to realize that they are throwing money at a billboard, not a real person. Not a relationship, not a coach who has dedicated their life to bettering themselves and what they offer. THIS IS THE ART of a science-backed coaching model. I can apply all the logic, and data I can handle at a client. Often the numbers add up, the data and the calculated methods prove true to form. But we are talking about the body, the human element, ever-changing and never the same. Until I began to master the ART of the SCIENCE of coaching, there was no hope for me. I was simply selling a widget to the masses.

The nutrition industry is much the same. While there are still a lot of personal R.D.s and Nutritionists out there with private practices, more than ever people are looking for turn-key, online, or automated services to help them eat healthy. Herein lies the problem. Ask 100 people and 99 will admit they KNOW what to eat. The problem is DOING it and moreover, trusting in the process. I sell accountability, and support…more than anything else. But where these online platforms and virtual coaches fail, is that I also sell the SCIENCE of Fuel. WHY are we feeding your body the way we are? How can you start to understand the reaction of your body to certain foods, both physically (water retention, digestion, energy levels), and mentally (emotional patterns of eating, mental focus and sleep patterns). Mastering your own metabolism is the key to long term, sustainable change! You can get online and download a template, print off a meal plan that some celebrity athlete followed to get his or her dream body, six pack abs, but what is missing. SCIENCE! You are not those other people. What works for them may or may not work for you. Do you know the details of their metabolism, the history of their relationship with food, their Heart Rate zones and intensity levels of training?


Now, with FUEL. SWEAT. SCIENCE. I can confidently say for the first time, that I am selling results. And I stand behind that 100%.

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