Episode 001: Why This Podcast Is Awesome


Why am I doing this podcast?


That is the million-dollar question.


When we get right down to it, I am doing this podcast because I believe everyone deserves to understand their body. In an attempt to sell more products and drive revenue, the nutrition and food industry has manipulated people and capitalized on misinformation, trends, and people’s pain points. I want to come against that and teach all of you the truth.


It’s so sad to me when clients come in and have spent hundreds of dollars on supplements, coaches, apps, workout programs, sensitivity tests, therapies, diets, and more. They just want to lose weight fast and get over that hump. I know there are many of you out there who feel the same way. I’m doing this podcast for you.

Truly, I just want to help you. I want to hold your hand through this process so that you can find the answer that’s right for you. I want to give you the opportunity to be successful without feeling like you’re digging yourself into a deeper hole.

Tune in to learn more and get started!

Show Highlights:

  • Some of my story.
  • Why losing weight doesn’t have to be so hard.
  • The bigger picture of weight loss and implementing healthy habits.
  • The importance of non-scale victories.
  • What each episode of this podcast will look like.
  • Why you should listen to every episode even if it doesn’t automatically resonate.

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