Episode 002: Ready to Start? Here’s How.


Let me know if you relate to this situation: you’re frustrated with the way your body looks and feels so you try fad diet after fad diet. You end up thinking about food and exercise all day long and yet nothing has changed. You begin to question everything you’re doing and wonder if there’s something else you should try if you need to be eating less, if you need to be exercising differently, or if you need to rest more? You’re utterly overwhelmed and frustrated.

I’m pretty sure I can assume that if you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve been there. I understand this struggle because I’ve been there myself. That is why I started this podcast: to be that trusted individual who helps you find the approach that will finally work.


In this episode, we’re going to discuss where to start on this journey. I’m going to help you figure out the best starting point for wading through all of the opinions and ideas out there on losing weight. Tune in to join me.


Show Highlights:

  • Why you should always start by “doing your homework.”
  • Why one of the most important factors in evaluating a weight-loss strategy is if it makes sense for you.
  • Some of the facets of my program.
  • Why you should log your food when you’re starting out.
  • What macronutrients are…
  • What your body does with each of the different macros.

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