Episode 006: Setbacks Create Comebacks


Every great performer, competitor, accomplished artist – we all hit roadblocks on our path to peak performance and competitive greatness. 

Everyone who has pursued a craft has had to deal with the difficulties and discouragement at some point, whether it was an injury, a bad review, a loss of championship, or whatever the challenge since setbacks provide an opportunity for a comeback. Encountering challenges and overcoming them is all part of the journey, especially when your journey is toward mastery of a skill or an approach. 



Setbacks are inevitable. Roadblocks, plateaus, and stuck points are inevitable on the journey to change, no matter what the change is. Therefore, as we start to dig and continue to explore and push ourselves to our thresholds, we need to understand how to deal with the setbacks and plateaus. 

In this episode, learn about how you can set yourself up with tools and strategies for dealing with setbacks and overcoming them when they occur. I also touch on the need for a growth mindset and understanding how setbacks provide an opportunity for a comeback. Most of us don’t realize that if we put more energy into the negative things, we give power to the negative, which ends up winning rather than us. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • It’s not a linear process – there will be setbacks
  • The general adaptation theory
  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Breaking that routine of immediate gratification
  • Paying attention to the signs of mental and emotional burnout
  • Failure as feedback 
  • Taking a break and reassessing your goals


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