Episode 008: Can You Really “Damage” Your Metabolism?


There’s this term called “metabolic damage” that’s going around that people feel like they’ve done something wrong. The truth is, you haven’t damaged anything. There is nothing that you can do to cause irreparable injury to your metabolism. 

However, there is such a thing as metabolic adaptation or suppression that can and will affect a person’s ability to lose weight long-term and maintain that weight loss. It will also impact one’s success in manipulating body composition if you are not smart about how you are achieving that weight loss, to begin with.



Therefore, you have to be mindful knowing that this is a process to bring yourself back to a homeostasis. This might mean gaining some while your body is adapting, but that does not mean that you can’t get it back off. 

That being said, your success in how you approach your objective all comes down to how you are affecting, growing or suppressing, and adapting to that metabolic capacity. And that can be done through manipulation of your calorie intake, energy expenditure, and basal metabolic rate. 

Ultimately, you have to really think about the cost benefit of the quick results, the drastic cutthroat diet and the long term risks – because really, it all boils down sustainability. And that’s the keyword!


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Diet and deficit, defined
  • The impact of diet and its snowball effect
  • The problem with an aggressive, cutthroat diet
  • The concept of reverse dieting
  • BMR – the bulk of the calories you’re burning

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