Episode 009: Boozin’ & Losin’ – Can It Be Done?


Can you drink and lose some fat at the same time? Today let’s clear up the alcohol conversation as we talk about the impact of alcohol consumption on our fat loss body recomposition process. 

When we consume calories in a surplus of our expenditure, we are setting ourselves up to gain body fat. Any excess energy consumed and not utilized in the body is going to be stored somewhere. In most cases, that’s going to come from our dietary fat intake. 



Excess calories from alcohol could be putting us in a surplus, hence, there’s a potential to gain fat. Alcohol does not turn into fat. But when you add alcohol (which has 7 calories per gram) to what you eat, it’s putting you in a surplus and thus any fat that you’ve consumed above that surplus is going to be stored because you’re not burning it off. 

Alcohol calories take priority as fuel and this is another concern. And so, you have to understand how the body actually breaks down, metabolizes, and utilizes its fuel sources.

At the end of the day, whether or not you could drink during your fat loss process is a matter of personal choice and preference. You want to find whatever works for you and make sure you can adhere to it long-term. Be realistic! 

I’m also sharing with you certain parameters and strategies so you make the best decisions in the event you choose to drink. That way, it doesn’t completely sabotage all the hard work and investment you’re putting into your fat loss process.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Excess calories from alcohol that puts us in surplus
  • How the body uses alcohol as its fuel source
  • The indirect process of fat gain
  • Working on moderation and sustainability 
  • Understanding the peripheral effects of alcohol
  • Strategies when consuming alcohol without sabotaging your hard work
  • Other effects of alcohol
  • Creating a moderation habit


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