Episode 010: Eating Out Without Losing Progress



Should you never eat out so you won’t lose progress? Well, sure you can. But that’s definitely not sustainable. You see, there is a way to work in some enjoyable social or family meals out that is not going to completely derail your progress. 


Yes, eating out and losing weight can co-exist. The key is to assess the meals accurately when you do go out. 


Our society’s taste buds have become so clouded by junk that people just aren’t satisfied anymore with fresh real foods. They douse it in oil, butter, and sauces, and the amount of preservatives, sodium, hidden fats, and sugars is really astounding. And so, one mantra I often teach my clients is to “write it before you bite it.” Log in ahead, take a peek at it, and look at the nutrition facts. 


Today, we talk about how you can eat out and still lose some body fat or achieve your goals. 

There is a lot of assumption out there that eating healthy and eating out cannot be achieved together. The truth is you can always make healthier choices when eating out if you make some effort to plan ahead. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Living by your goals
  • How to log your meals out
  • Overestimating the calories you’re logging
  • Modifying your meals for the day
  • Sauce on the side – always!
  • Focusing on lean protein
  • Examples of lean protein
  • Foods to stay away from and what to order

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