Episode 011: Breaking Barriers to Burnout


If you feel like you’re hitting a wall, there are some ways for you to get your momentum back. It’s so easy to get started and maintain some motivation for a couple of weeks. But when you’re looking at long-term behavior change and achieving sustainable, manageable, and maintainable results, then you’ve got to stay on it for the foreseeable. The key is to find opportunities to reinvigorate and re-motivate yourself by shifts in focus, new challenges, and different perspectives.



Today, I’m sharing some tips and strategies that are going to help you stay motivated for the long term so you can continue to push yourself and find new thresholds. That way, you can level up as things start to become stale – because they will. Now, it’s not a negative to hit a plateau, but more about using that to catapult and create a catalyst to change. It may be something new or just a different approach or experimentation with your body. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Remind yourself of the why
  • Enlisting a support team 
  • Creating specific, short-term goals to make a big change
  • Looking at your time wasters
  • How to optimize your time


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