Episode 018: Artificial vs. Natural Sugar: Which is Better?


If you’re really into sugar-free baked goods, protein products, or diet sodas, you do not want to miss this episode.

Personally, I’ve been on a journey lately to be more mindful about the artificial sweeteners I’m putting in my body. I’ve spent some time reflecting on how they’re affecting my gut and if there are alternatives to what I’m currently doing. My encouragement is that you start self-reflecting as well.

For now, listen to this episode as I discuss some places where you may find artificial sweeteners, some of the research on this topic, and the health impacts of both artificial sweeteners and real sugar.

Get ready to hear an answer to the trending question: which is better, artificial or natural sugar?


Show Highlights:

  • What net carbs are and how to find them.
  • What sugar alcohols are.
  • How sugar alcohols affect your glucose tolerance.
  • How artificial sweeteners affect your gut.
  • How I’ve analyzed my artificial sweetener intake.
  • What products to look out for that commonly use artificial sweeteners.
  • A warning about popular “Truvia” products.
  • How artificial sweeteners affect our hunger response.


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