Episode 021: Paul’s 100lb Weight Loss Story


Today, I have my first official guest joining me on the podcast! My long-time client, Paul, is joining me to talk about his amazing weight loss story. Paul and I have been working together for over three years and it’s been so cool to see his progress as time goes on. 

Last week, Paul hit his 100-pound weight loss mark. He has been through an incredible journey to get to this point and he is going to share it with all of you today. Tune in to hear more about his background, some of the things he’s gone through and challenges he’s overcome, and where he’s headed next. 



Show Highlights:

  • Paul’s background with nutrition and exercise.
  • When he started noticing changes in his body.
  • What inspired him to finally decide to dial in his nutrition.
  • How eating out on weekends derailed his progress for a bit.
  • His experience with the keto diet.
  • How to transition back into a sustainable diet after an aggressive one.
  • Why you should be consistently looking into your blood work during a weight loss journey.


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