Episode 027: Doing College the Healthy Way: An Interview with Intern Katie


Episode 027: Doing College the Healthy Way: An Interview with Intern Katie


College is a time of considerable transition for many young adults. Entering college means trading off the security and guidance of living at home for the freedom and flexibility of living on your own. Of course, this change can be exciting and freeing, but it can also impact your ability to make healthy decisions for yourself.


For many students, college is the first time that they’ve had this type of responsibility for themselves. And it can be very overwhelming to be faced with so many different options and so little guidance over the best choice to make. Whether you are a returning upperclassman or a brand new freshman, it’s important to consider the impact that campus lifestyle has on your ability to navigate healthy decision making.


So, on today’s episode of Fuel, Sweat and Science, we will be digging into what making healthy choices looks like in a college setting.

To help us get an inside scoop on what healthy living can look like in college, I brought on my intern Katie Harnen, a rising sophomore at Texas Christian University, for today’s discussion. Katie is currently studying for a degree in nutrition and dietetics and is also a certified spin instructor. Her firsthand insights into college life have been eye-opening and I wanted to share some of her observations with you. From campus dining halls to recreation centers, our discussion today is one that no college student should miss! 


Show Highlights:

  • Tips for transitioning from living at home to living on campus
  • Discussion of the various types of food options on campus
  • How the typical college student’s schedule may impact their dining choices
  • Some of the biggest hurdles to staying on track with your health and fitness in college
  • A look into recreation centers and ways to stay active with a busy schedule
  • Pieces of advice from a college student herself on eating healthy and staying in control of your own health

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