Episode 032: The Lean, Clean Bulk


Episode 032: The Lean, Clean Bulk

Are you wanting to grow muscle and gain some lean mass?

I hear this request a lot from my younger male clients who are looking to improve their performance and put on some size. However, I also hear this from older clients who are just looking to be strong in their later years. Losing lean mass is inevitable as we get older but there are ways to train that will help you build muscle back.

This is something I’ve been personally working on lately. I’ve learned so much through my own experience as well through research and working with various coaches and colleagues. There are ways to put on muscle healthily and that is what I want to share in this episode.

If you’re looking to put on weight specifically through muscle without gaining fat in the process, you’ll want to do what I call a “lean, clean bulk.” Tune into this episode to learn the strategies for how to do this. 



Show Highlights:

  • Why women can’t get bulky from lifting.
  • Why you have to balance weight lifting and cardio to gain muscle.
  • The benefits of having muscle.
  • What the P ratio is.
  • How to prevent chronic inflammation.
  • What happens to your metabolism when you reduce and when you increase your calories.
  • How to figure out your basal metabolic rate, maintenance calories, and surplus point.
  • How to start a hypertrophy phase.
  • How much of each macro you should be eating.
  • The emotional considerations of bulking.

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