Episode 036: Sodium and Water Retention


Hydration is a buzz word in the fitness industry. We are instructed to drink lots of water to “stay hydrated.” Yet, many of my clients who follow this advice still struggle with water retention, bloating, and excessive thirst. Why is this?

I’m diving into that topic today. We’re discussing all things drinking water, sodium intake, water retention, and dehydration. It’s very important that we understand how water works in our bodies, what electrolytes do, and the chemistry behind all of this. Tune in to learn more about all of this!

Show Highlights:

  • How water moves throughout your body.
  • Where electrolytes are found in your body and how they work.
  • How electrolytes and water work together.
  • How to maintain homeostasis in your body.
  • Why magnesium is so important.

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