Episode 037: Fiber, Blood Sugar & Weight Gain


Episode 037: Fiber, Blood Sugar and Weight Gain


Fiber is the little known carb that could. What is fiber, and how does it impact our ability to maintain normal blood sugar, moderate hunger, manage cholesterol and fat storage, regulate digestion…SO many things.

But also we have to be super mindful of how the manufacturers of products are using the low carb, keto craze to over simplify fiber. In order to drive down the net carbs (total carbs – fiber & Sugar alcohols), they are infusing a lot of “junk” fiber into products. Many are even falsely claiming carbs just to sell more.

Work on whole foods, quality sources of fiber, and see how it works in your favor on the scale, and otherwise.

Show Highlights:

  • Benefits of Fiber.
  • What is it and why do you need it.
  • Types of Fiber and sources
  • False claims and informed consumer ship

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