Episode 038: Social Circle Sabotage


Episode 038: Social Circle Sabotage

It’s a perpetual party amongst your now 40 something Frat boys, or your girlfriends from high school. Your group’s “rules” have been established. Everyone joins in, no one brings down the group by having HEALTH goals of all things. Sound familiar?

Nearly 75% of women, and I am sure a similar percentage of men report that they feel no or little support around their lifestyle choices when it comes to fitness and nutrition. This makes success, consistency, and socializing so hard on the journey.

In the episode I will share some suggestions, tips and tools for combating social circle sabotage and also how to avoid being anti social during your fitness process.

Show Highlights:

  • How to ID Social Sabotage
  • Prepping and Rehearsing
  • Ways to stay social and still reach your goals
  • Lessons for yourself in social settings

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