Episode 041: Stress and Weight Gain


It is not a myth. Stress can cause you to gain weight. So, you are sitting there wracking your brain as to why you cannot move the needle. You keep cutting calories (stress), you exercise more and harder (stress)…and then you are anxious and STRESSED because you don’t know what else to do. Oh, and pile on top of that kids, work, relationships, life in general.

In this episode I will discuss the WHY of stress and weight gain, why it goes to our belly, how we can mitigate it, and why you don’t need to STRESS about it 🙂

Show Highlights:

  • What is Cortisol and how does it affect weight gain?
  • How Cortisol impacts other body systems.
  • What are the behavioral factors that can contribute to stress induced weight struggles?
  • What do we do to mitigate it?

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