Episode 016: Seeking Your Truth Channel


Are you familiar with your inner troublemaker?

It’s that voice inside your head that likes to talk you out of your aspirations, objectives, and plans. That voice likes to make you self-sabotage to the point where you feel like your own worst enemy.



Well, I think it’s time to fight back. We need to learn how to recognize when our inner troublemaker is trying to tempt us and disrupt us from our dreams. Though it may never go away, once we learn to identify that voice and build a relationship with it, we can spot its patterns and finally get to where we want to be.

Tune in to learn some strategies for doing just this.


Show Highlights:

  • Where our inner voice comes from.
  • Why so many of us developed emotional eating habits.
  • How to identify your inner troublemaker.
  • Steps to combat that voice.
  • How to clear up your inner truth channel.


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