Episode 017: Disease Management vs. Prevention


For those that don’t know, I began my health and wellness career in the corporate space. I started by working for Denver Public Schools and eventually came to work with employee groups to create incentive packages that help drive their healthcare costs down.

In that second job, I gave employees resources, support, and education around lifestyle changes and disease management. To this day, I don’t think we give enough attention to preventative care like this. There are certain things we can control when it comes to preventing disease and focusing more on that could save people millions of dollars and heartache.


In this episode, I discuss all of this. We’ll talk about the new niche of preventative medicine being developed right now as well as how to help those who are already diagnosed with chronic health conditions manage them. 


Show Highlights:

  • What sparked my passion for this topic.
  • The lack of understanding around disease prevention and management in our society.
  • How I’m working on this with a client right now.
  • The future of preventative medicine.
  • How the educational system needs to adapt.
  • How many people are affected by chronic disease.


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