How My Client Lost 100 Pounds

Last week, my client Paul hit his 100-pound weight loss mark. He has been through an incredible journey to get to this point. We have been working together for over three years and it’s been so cool to see his progress as time goes on. 

Today, I want to share some of Paul’s story with all of you. He has overcome many challenges to lose this much weight and the ups and downs of his journey will motivate those of you in a similar place.


Paul’s Background

In college, Paul was very into endurance exercise. He did triathlons and ran or biked for hours on end. He never had to worry much about his weight. Any time he overindulged or ate out, he would “work it off” by going on another long run or bike ride.

This began to change as he got into his 30s and even more when he reached 40. He wasn’t able to keep eating the same way. Working a desk job, he also wasn’t getting the same amount of exercise as he used to. This was when the weight started to pile on.


The Weight Loss Journey

When Paul came to work with me, he realized he needed to dial in the nutrition piece of things. He wasn’t paying much attention to what he was eating and was eating out a lot on the weekends. 

We began working on a nutrition plan of higher carbs, moderate fat, and moderate protein. Pretty quickly, he lost 20 pounds. However, from there his progress stalled. All of that eating out on the weekends was preventing him from losing any more weight.



Paul decided to try going on the keto diet. This isn’t a diet I recommend for everybody. It has to be right for you. However, for Paul, it worked well.

When you’re on a weight loss journey, you need to be eating food you enjoy. Of course, you must be diligent to stay within a calorie deficit. There are ways you can do that, though, and continue to eat food that tastes good. This is why the keto diet worked so well for Paul. He enjoyed high-fat foods a lot and didn’t miss the carbs as much as others might.

However, the key after doing an aggressive diet like this is slowly easing your way back into a normal diet. Paul slowly increased his calories and carbs until he got back to a sustainable place. 

Now, he has hit his 100-pound weight loss mark and feels amazing. 


If you want to learn more about Paul’s journey, check out Episode 021: Paul’s 100lb Weight Loss Story.

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