How to Quiet Your Inner Troublemaker and Hear Your Inner Truth Channel

Are you familiar with your inner troublemaker?


It’s that voice inside your head that likes to talk you out of your aspirations, objectives, and plans. That voice likes to make you self-sabotage to the point where you feel like your own worst enemy.


Well, I think it’s time to fight back. We need to learn how to recognize when our inner troublemaker is trying to tempt us and disrupt us from our dreams. Though it may never go away, once we learn to identify that voice and build a relationship with it, we can spot its patterns and finally get to where we want to be.


The Origins of Our Inner Voice


So much of our health and fitness journey has an emotional foundation. Our struggles with weight loss or food rules were likely born out of some stimulus or message from our past. The love languages and behaviors we experienced as children or even in adulthood affected us.


The one thing that most emotional eating patterns have in common is that there’s a connection to a sense of nourishment (or lack thereof) in childhood. At one point, our emotional needs weren’t met. Maybe our parents’ love language was food or, on the opposite side, food was scarce.


As we mature and create our own inner voices, often wires get crossed and an inner voice of validation doesn’t get hardwired. Because our inner dialogue is cluttered, we look for validation and comfort externally. This can turn into an inner critic or troublemaker. 


How to Combat Your Inner Voice


To combat our inner critic, we have to maintain who we are and create separation from it. Ask yourself why it’s there. 


Is it fear?


Is it not believing that you’re worth the effort?


You could also start journaling a little on the patterns you recognize. Where is your inner troublemaker showing up the most? Is it in moments of boredom, weakness, fatigue, anger, frustration, or even when you start to see a little success? Where does its attempt to sideline you typically lead you? 


Check yourself and see if that voice is actually trying to tell you something. Then, acknowledge it. Say, “Hey, I see you but you’re not going to take over.”

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