How’s Your Marriage Holding Up?


Episode 024: How’s Your Marriage Holding Up?


Your marriage has a lot to do with your relationship with food.


Well, maybe not directly, but there is a connection. Many times, people’s relationships with food and with their bodies correlate pretty closely with their personal relationships. How we think about and act around food often echoes the state of our relationship with our spouse, close friends, or family members. 


On top of that, the way you define a healthy relationship in the first place can shape how you relate to food. It can form the way you learn to accept your body and build a positive relationship with it. 


In this episode, I dig into multiple, research-backed aspects of healthy relationships. Then, I make the connection between those qualities, your relationship with food, and your body image. Tune in to start digging into this interesting analogy.


Show Highlights:

  • Why respect is so important in a healthy relationship.
  • The “big five” aspects of a healthy relationship.
  • The various ways our disordered relationship with food may present.
  • What preference over position means.
  • What a healthy relationship with food looks like.
  • Why diets will not help you develop a healthy relationship with food.
  • How to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body.

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