Podcast Trailer – Fuel, Sweat, and Science with Dr. Tiff!


Welcome to Fuel, Sweat, and Science with Dr. Tiff! Every episode is an in-depth look at how to avoid paralysis by analysis from all the fat loss, weight loss options and claims out there, move past a history of failed attempts which may have caused metabolic changes, or suppression. Dr. Tiffany Breeding, PhD, CSCS –– Fitness Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning Specialist –– will help you learn to balance busy, social lives while still seeing results. The goal is to help you realize that losing weight does not have to be so complicated. Come hang out with other goal-driven, numbers-oriented people, looking to improve their health who are frustrated by the fitness industry, committed to making changes in their lives, and are looking for a return on their investment; then take an insight or two to inspire your own journey?

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