Pregnancy and Post-Partum Nutrition and Fitness w/ Special Guest Liv Dykes


Episode 026: Pregnancy and Post-Partum Nutrition and Fitness w/ Special Guest Liv Dykes


Liv Dykes is a personal trainer and precision nutrition coach who specializes in pregnancy and post-partum corrective exercise. She has been around the fitness industry for five years now and just came out with her new program, LivWell. Because of her creative niche and deep expertise, I wanted to bring her onto the show today.


In this episode, we dive deep into all things pregnancy and post-partum. Liv shares what her personal experience was like and describes many of the issues new moms deal with, including pelvic floor dysfunctions. She also teaches us some of the things she wishes she had known about post-partum nutrition, fitness, and mindset before she had a baby. Join us!

Show Highlights:

  • Liv’s history with disordered eating that led her to do what she does today. 
  • How she struggled with exercise after having her first child.
  • What prolapse and diastasis are.
  • How to embrace motherhood as a journey.
  • What Liv would do differently if she were to get pregnant again.
  • How to find the form of movement that works best for you when pregnant.
  • The importance of intuitive eating in pregnancy.
  • The toxic elements of diet culture.

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